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Mac Requirements: Mac OSX 10.9 through 10.15 Catalina
Windows Requirements : Windows 7 through Current Windows 10


  • Please note that you will need an Internet connection to use VideoWordSearch as it will need to go to the YouTube site to retrieve the data.
  • VideoWordSearch will retrieve videos that contain closed caption tracks so they can be searched.
  • It cannot magically create transcripts if no closed captions have been uploaded for your video, but will look for captioned videos. It uses the published closed caption tracks for each language to create the transcripts.
  • You can search videos individually or use the auto-search button to search up to 50 videos at once for your search terms.
  • Each video will give you a list of languages that are available as closed captions so that you can perform your word search in any of those languages. It will also remember your last language choice as the default for the next search, unless you choose something different or if that language is currently not available as a closed caption track.
  • Saving your search results as tab-delimited text will allow you to import your search results into Excel.
  • Saving the transcripts as Line-by-line, and including Timecode will allow you to import the transcript into MovieCaptioner as Text in Line Form where you can export as many other caption formats.
  • You can also view the complete transcripts of each movie under the View menu's View Complete Transcript option

VideoWordSearch for YouTube

Finally, a way to do word searches on YouTube videos!

You no longer need to watch the whole movie to see if it contains the content you're looking for!

VideoWordSearch logo

Type in a search term and get up to 50 videos on that subject. Then click on one of those 50 video titles and it will immediately search that video for your search term or phrase and in the blink of an eye give you a list of instances in the video where that word or phrase is used verbatim, the timecode where it's being used, and by clicking on one of the search results will actually take you directly to that point in the video where it's being used! You can also enter a specific URL or playlist URL that you want to check. If that video also has uploaded captions, it will let you know where your search term is being used as well. And your search results can be printed out as a text file for future reference either in plain text form or tab-delimited text that can be imported into Excel.

In addition to being able to download your search results, you can also download either full text transcripts of the video, or you can download closed caption files in either the SRT or VTT format. It will give you the choice of any language for which it has a closed caption track available and will remember your last language choice for the next search automatically.

VideoWordSearch for YouTube is a must-have tool for anyone who does any type of video research on YouTube. Teachers, professors, journalists and other researchers will get the video content they need quickly and effortlessly.

Give VideoWordSearch for YouTube a try today. The demo is fully functional for 7 days.

VideoWordSearch allows you to load movies by keyword, then search for exact word matches
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VideoWordSearch interface

Save your search results as plain text or tab-delimited text to import into Excel and save transcripts as plain text or SRT and VTT caption files.
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VideoWordSearch tab-delimited text sample imported into Excel