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Windows Requirements: Windows 7 through Current Windows 10 + QuickTime 7
Mac Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 through 10.15 Catalina

TranscriptSnagger for YouTube

Automatically downloads text transcripts from YouTube closed captions

• Need to get an SRT or VTT caption file or text transcripts of a YouTube video in any available language?
• Need to find out if a YouTube video contains the content you're looking for without watching the whole movie?

TranscriptSnagger is just what you need!

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Just paste in the URL of the YouTube video and click the Search button. It will go out and find all the available closed caption tracks that have been uploaded for that video and display them in the list. Choose one or more of the provided languages, then choose whether you want SRT files or Text Transcripts. If you choose Text Transcripts, you can choose the format of how you want your transcripts as either text in paragraph form or line-by-line, with or without timecode. Then click the Download button and it will save each language as a separate file. It's that easy!

TranscriptSnagger also allows you to do a word search on YouTube videos. It will return a list of every instance of where the search term is used along with the timecode and will provide a direct link to each point in the video where that term is used. You no longer need to watch the whole movie to see if it contains the content you're looking for!


  • Please note that you will need an Internet connection to use TranscriptSnagger as it will need to go to the YouTube site to retrieve the data.
  • It cannot magically create transcripts if no closed captions have been uploaded for your video. It uses the published closed caption tracks for each language to create the transcripts.
  • Saving the transcripts as Line-by-line, and including Timecode will allow you to import the transcript into MovieCaptioner as Text in Line Form where you can export as many other caption formats.

sample of a search results from TranscriptSnagger
downlaoding transcripts from TranscriptSnagger
sample of a transcript from TranscriptSnagger

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