MovieCaptioner Closed Captioning Software for Mac and Windows by Synchrimedia


See how easy it is to caption your videos. Just load your movie, set your text/background properties, then click the Start button. MovieCaptioner will start playing the first 4 seconds of your video in a loop. Just type what you hear in that loop and then hit your Return/Enter key to record that caption and it's starting timecode. MovieCaptioner will then automatically move on to the next 4 seconds of your movie. Just keep typing and hitting your Return/Enter key until you've captioned your entire movie. It couldn't be simpler! If you can type, you can make your videos accessible for the deaf, increase your search engine optimization (SE0), and open your videos up to a much wider audience.

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VideoWordSearch for YouTube

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Finally, a new way to search YouTube Videos - by exact word or phrase match in the transcripts. You don't have to watch the whole video to see if it contains the content you're searching for!

  • You can automatically search 50 or more videos at once for the search terms you're looking for or search one video at a time.
  • Returns search results with a direct link to that part of the video that contains the search term or phrase.
  • Search results can be saved as either plain text or tab-delimited text that can be imported into Excel.
  • Can also download full text transcripts
  • Can download closed caption files in either SRT or VTT formats.
  • You can choose from any language available for that particular video.

VideoWordSearch for YouTube is a must-have tool for anyone who does any type of video research on YouTube. Teachers, professors, journalists and other researchers will get the video content they need quickly and effortlessly.

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SCC Caption Decoder

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Have an SCC caption file that you need to translate into human-readable text transcripts? Need to find where that error is in your SCC captions? This closed captioning decoder is exactly what you need, and a great companion tool for MovieCaptioner. Just select your SCC file and it will save it as a new text transcript with timecode. The timecode can either stay the same as the SCC file (very useful for troubleshooting) or it can remove the buffer time that SCC files build in, making the timecode closer to the actual time the captions are displayed. You can also opt to output as paragraph text without timecode. By providing text transcripts of your movies on your Web site, you will not only be providing accessibility, but you will also improve your search engine optimization by providing searchable content. It can now batch-process a whole folder of files, or enable the hot folder to check for new SCC files every so many minutes. It will auto-process any SCC files it finds in your hot folder and copy the original files to an archive on your destination folder along with the decoded transcripts.

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Just paste in the URL of the YouTube video and click the Search button. It will go out and find all the available closed caption tracks that have been uploaded for that video and display them in the list. Choose one or more of the provided languages, then choose whether you want SRT files or Text Transcripts. If you choose Text Transcripts, you can choose the format of how you want your transcripts as either text in paragraph form or line-by-line, with or without timecode. Then click the Download button and it will save each language as a separate file. It's that easy!

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ScreenCaptureX captures your computer screen in 3 different ways. Just choose which type of image you want to capture, then click the Capture Screen button. It will save it as a JPEG (numbered sequentially) to your Desktop. Simple, huh? Need to grab a still from a DVD? ScreenCaptureX can do it!

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Get Started with Video Captioning
(free ebook!)

(Guía de iniciación para hacer accesibles sus videos) Get Started with Video Captioning eBook cover

This book is for anyone new to captioning video who wants to learn more about the subject. It discusses the reasons that video should be captioned, the many different caption file formats and how to create them, helpful software to use, captioning style guidelines, and helpful links to more information.

Available for free in the iBook Store for your Mac or iOS device or as a PDF. También disponible en español: Introducción A La Subtitulación De Videos

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